Surgery is the medial specialty used to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries through manual or operative procedures. Different areas of the body require specific surgical treatments. Madison Medical's team of highly qualified, Board Certified surgeons offers services in several areas of expertise.

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What are the specialties of the Madison Medical Surgeons?

Madison Medical's team of Board Certified surgeons specializes in a number of surgical fields.

  1. General Surgery
  2. Bariatric Surgery
  3. Laparoscopic Surgery
  4. Vascular Surgery
  5. Surgical Oncology
  6. Sports Hernias

How do I make an appointment with a Madison Medical Surgeon?

Ask your doctor for a referral or call the number below.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a surgeon, please call:

Dr. Richard Cattey

(262) 243-0064
Specializes in general, laparoscopic and vascular surgery, and the diagnosis and treatment of sports hernias.

Dr. Alysandra Lal, M.D., MPH

(414) 298-7227
Specializes in general, breast and oncologic surgery.

Dr. Joseph Regan

(262) 243-0070
Specializes in general, advanced laparoscopic and bariatric surgery.

Dr. Craig Siverhus

(414) 298-7222
Specializes in general, bariatric, laparoscopic and vascular reconstruction surgery.

Dr. Jasna Coralic

(414) 298-7233
Specializes in general, colon and rectal surgery.