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Mohs Surgery

The mohs technique is a highly specialized outpatient procedure for the removal of certain types of skin cancer. Layers of the malignant cancer are removed one at a time and then analyzed microscopically. A physician then determines if the cancer has been fully removed. If it has not, the process is repeated until the cancer is eradicated. The term “Mohs” refers to Dr. Frederick Mohs, who pioneered the procedure in the early 1960s.

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Over 70 years ago, Dr. Frederic Mohs (1914-2002), formerly Professor Emeritus of Surgery at the University of Wisconsin, developed a technique to remove skin cancers, which provided patients with an excellent chance for cure. The technique was initially known as chemosurgery, but is now called Mohs micrographic surgery after its inventor. Because this method is time consuming and requires highly specialized training and personnel, Dr. Gharia is one of a few fellowship trained physicians in the United States that offers this treatment.

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